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Quality Policy & R & D

This criticality is captured in the company’s Quality Policy, which dictates an encompassing quality approach across the organization. The company’s quality discipline has been endorsed through an ISO: 9001:2015 Certification.

Small specifications make a big difference. Keeping this in view the company has a state of the art laboratory with latest equipments and qualified personnel performing all the necessary tests.

Nevertheless it is always noteworthy for us that Quality Management is not just a matter of the Certifications. It’s a matter of putting quality standards into practice. In pursuit of this goal we continuously pool all our know-how and experience in the area of management, R & D, production and logistics.

The effectiveness of the quality system enforced can very well be analysed from the fact that our organization possesses an almost nil rejection record. The level of customer satisfaction can be judged from the repeated orders received from customers. This is something that we value the most.

Our aim is to better the best every day and take on new challenges that come in our path.

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