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The management of SCPL is vested in a responsible, experienced, creative and dynamic team of professionals having the right blend of youth and experience.

One of our core value is “A Learning Organisation That Supports Individual Growth”. We honour talent, recognize achievements, value contribution and believe that people need to enjoy their work to give their best. We know that we can always be better than what we are and the journey is unending.

The expanding usage of Zinc Oxide and Brass ingots has undoubtedly contributed to the growth of our company. We believe, however, that a far greater contribution is made in the way we discharge our commitment to our customers. Our team of trained and dedicated employees enables us to fulfil commitment which, simply stated, is consistent quality, exceptional service and security of supplies.

The quest for excellence in our group is not just a process, but also a way of life. A determination to move up the value chain in process, products and performance has resulted in our organization being acknowledged for its excellence.

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