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Singhal Commodities Pvt Ltd is a part of the renowned Singhal Group started in 1973. The Singhal group is promoted by the Singhal Family who are in the Non-Ferrous Metals Industry for over 40 years and have made major contribution in the growth of various industries in India. Singhal Commodities Pvt Ltd today is a recognized company and responsible recycler in India transforming hazardous industrial wastes into useful non ferrous chemical and alloys. All of our products Zinc Oxide, Brass Ingot, Zinc Sulphate (Heptahydrate/ Monohydrate), and Zinc dust are the result of a robust in-house research and developed infrastructure supported by state of the art technology.

Throughout its history, it has adapted itself to face the challenges of the time and emerged successful. The relentless process of upgradation continues even today through modernization, computerization, automation, diversification, globalization, and innovation. The only constant factor throughout these changes has been SCPL’s resolution to remain the supplier of choice for its customers.

The management of SCPL is vested in a responsible, experienced, creative and dynamic team of professionals having the right blend of youth and experience.

The quest for excellence in our group is not just a process, but also a way of life. A determination to keep up the quality of our process, products and performance has resulted in our organization being acknowledged for its excellence.

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