Zink Sulphate
Zinc Sulphate Hepta Hydrate – Crystal (ZnSo4-7 H20)
Zinc plus Brand Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate is free flowing, high purity, pure white, odorless and water soluble crystal.
Zinc Sulphate Mono Hydrate - Powder (ZnSO4 - H2O)
Zinc SulphatePowder (ZnSO4 - H2O) & Crystal (ZnSo4-7 H20)

Zinc plus Brand Zinc Sulphate monohydrate is a spray dried, fine, free-flowing, high purity, pure white, odorless and water soluble powder.

Ideally suited for providing the nutritional zinc requirements in crops and animal feed. Rapid dispersion and solubility are beneficial in production of foliar sprays.

Zinc plus Brand Zinc Sulphate meets the high chemical purity requirements for production of water treatment chemicals, chemical compounding and the production of rayon and many other industrial applications.

Typical Analysis
Chemical Properties :
Zinc (Zn) 33.5% 21.0%
Copper (Cu) 0.1% 0.1%
Lead (Pb) 0.003% 0.003%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.002% 0.05%
pH not less than 4.0 4.0%
Solubility in water 99.0% 99.5%
Physical Properties :
Physical condition Free flowing crystalline form Free flowing powder form
Colour White Creamy White
Chemical Formula ZnSO4.H2O ZnSO4.7H2O
Molecular weight 179.46 287.55
Specific Gravity/Density 3.28 gm/cm3 (205 lbs/ft3) 1.96 gm/cm3 (122 lbs/ft3)
Melting Point Transition at 238 C (460 F) Transition at 39 C (103 F)
Solubility in 100 parts of water 89.5 at 100C (212 F) 115.2 at 0C (32F) & 653.6 at 100C (212F)
  The typical properties listed are intended as a guide and are effected by the raw materials used to manufacture the product. Please contact us if you need additional information, or if you have a specific requirement.
  Zinc serves as a growth hormone and influences protein synthesis. Zinc deficiency often causes stunting of the plant, yellowing of the leaves, and decreased yields of seed, grain, vegetables or fruit. At least 40 crops are reported to be affected by zinc deficiency. Spray applications of a four to six percent solution may be employed on trees during the dormant period. Zinc Sulphate is often used on crops such as Rice, pecan, deciduous fruits, peanuts, cotton, corn, vegetables and especially citrus.

Zinc is one of the essential elements for animal life. Today's sophisticated farmer understands the importance of zinc in maintaining normal health and increased yields, especially in swine and poultry. In swine, a lack of zinc in the diet causes parakeratosis, characterized by dermatitis, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, severe weight loss and eventual death. In poultry, zinc deficiency results in loss of appetite, growth retardation, blood disorders, arthritic deformities, bone diseases and death. Zinc supplements to the diet often cause prompt recovery. Zinc Sulphate is the optimum source of zinc in animal feeds as the nutritional source of zinc due to its biological availability.

Zinc Sulphate is used in the manufacture of viscose rayon fiber. It is one of the ingredients In the spinning bath where it promotes coagulation and crenellation of the fiber.

Zinc Sulphate Solution is the ideal source of zinc in the production of Zinc Stearate. It is used as a catalyst in numerous chemical operations.

In water treatment, Zinc Sulphate finds application as a corrosion inhibitor in cooling towers and municipal water systems.

Zinc Sulphate also finds use in production of pigments, preservation and clarification of glue, in flame proofing compounds, as a mining flotation agent, in wood preservatives, in electro metallurgy and electro galvanizing.

Zinc Sulphate is manufactured at our facilities in Silvassa (DNH ) and Amritsar (Punjab).



  If exposure cannot be maintained at or below established OSHA guidelines, respiratory protection must be provided in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.34 requirements. Wear appropriate protective clothing and chemical resistant gloves as needed to prevent skin contact. Clean contaminated clothing and protective equipment before reuse. Wear splash proof or dust proof safety goggles. Wash thoroughly after handling Zinc Sulfate. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.


  Zinc Sulphate is supplied in 50 kilogram bags, 40 bags to a pallet and stretch wrapped.
SCPL also offers this product as solution in tankers.
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