Zink Oxide
     White Seal Zinc Oxide
Zinc oxide chemical compound, ZnO, is a fine white powder, that is nearly insoluble in water but soluble in acids or alkalies. It occurs as white hexagonal crystals or a white powder commonly known as ZINC Oxide White Seal.
  Manufacturing Process
  We manufacture Zinc Oxide by ‘French Process’ or ‘Indirect Process’.  The starting point in this process is Metallic Zinc, which may be virgin, secondary (recovered), galvanizer dross.  The metal is volatized from retorts and the vapors are oxidized to finely divided Zinc Oxide.  Various grades of oxide can be separated and classified as per the customer requirement by different setting.
Quality Assurance
We are leading ISO 9001:2008 certified manufactured of Zinc Oxide in India.

We have trained production personnel along with a state-of-the-art quality assurance department to ensure the quality norms. We are committed continuously strive for improvement and betterment of our products and service.
Ph Meter
Surface Area Analyser
  Our Product “Shiv Dutt Brand White Seal Zinc Oxide” is today recognized as one of the Premium Quality Zinc Oxide in India due to our Guaranteed Quality, Attractive Price and consistent Supply.
  Our product is used in wide number of industries like
  The Rubber Industry is the largest user an activator of the organic accelerator.
It is used to shorten the time of vulcanization or as an accelerator for specialty rubbers.
As a reinforcing pigment in rubber it has the advantage of low heat generation, good heat conductivity, reinforcement at elevated temperatures    and resistance to aging by ultraviolet light.
Glass & Ceramics
  In glass it acts both a network 'former' and 'modifier'. As a 'former' it tends to increase the chemical durability.
It is used as stabiliser during the heat treatment.
It is used as glazes and enamels for Glass & Ceramic Industry.
It regulates the co-efficient of expansion, improves glaze and texture, enhances opacity and whiteness.
  Its opacity to ultraviolet light improves weather ability.
It protects the paint film from mildew.
It improves resistance to abrasion and also neutralizes the harmful acids formed by aging of the vehicle.
Zinc Oxide, being of amphoteric nature acts as dispersing agent.
Its catalytic properties hasten polymerization for most exterior coatings and fine particles produce excessive reactivity which protects cracking    and flaking of the coating as its agent.
  Improved fire resistance in plastics
Reduced UV degradation in plastics coatings
Other Products
  Used in chemicals, smokes, floor tiles and linoleum, matches, dental cements, soaps, polishes and as catalyst in organic reactions. It reduce UV degradation in wood coatings. It is used in some metal plating solutions or electrogalvanising. It used in battery applications etc..
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