Copper Zinc Alloys
   Casting Alloys :
We make alloys confirming to international standard suitable to customers requirements for application into manufacturing of Engineering Components, Plumbing & Sanitary Ware, Hardware Products, and Decorative Articles. Different Sizes of the ingots can be provided to fit the customers furnace batch size.

Round Billets for Extrusion: Ready to extrude billets in size 100 mm to 150 mm for Rod, Pipe, Profile, Flats

Slabs for Rolling: Ready to Roll Slabs Size 40 kgs to 200 kgs for Sheets and Circles
Production Infrastructure
Production Facilities
  Induction Furnace
Coreless Induction furnace with 1200 kgs heat capacity 1 nr
Ajex Watt Furnace 1000~1200 kgs heat capacity 4 nr
  Water Cooled Moulds for Round Billets
Diameters & Length
100 mm
125 mm
150 mm
  Water Cooled moulds for Slabs
  Open Moulds
Raw Materials top      
  Global Sourcing of Scraps from
United States & Canada
Africa – Ghana, Congo, Nigeria, Kenya
Europe & Middle East – UK, Cyprus, UAE
Wide Variety of High Quality Scrap
Copper Scrap
Brass Scrap
Zinc Ingots
Quality Control – Work in Process top      
  Online Testing by QC Manager using Spectrometer
Volumetric Testing
Quality control Steps
  Proven and Validated Source of RM
Sampling and QC checks for RM
100% Physical Check of mixed Scrap
In-process heat QC using Shimadzu Spectrometer from Japan.
FG QC check again with Spectro n Wet Analysis before shipment
Raw Materials top      
Quality Control
Finished Products
Finished Goods Packing top      
  FG Heat Numbering
Packing on Pallets/Boxes & Labeling
IPPC Fumigation Certification top      
Weight & Quality Certification Report top      
International Inspection Agency SGS Certification top      
  Weight Checks at four levels
Production Floor
Packing in Bundles
Pallet Weight Checks
Container Weights
Inspection – Custome Visit top      
    Before Loading                                       After Loading
Product Application top      
    Sanitary Ware                                       Ball Valves Manufacturing                 Furniture, Hardware & Decoratives Products
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