Cooper Phosphorus
    Cooper Phosphorus
Standar Forms
  Waffle :
(23 cm x 23 cm x 4 cm)
36 Cubes
  Shot :
between (3/8" x 1116") or (10 mm x 2 mm)
available in increments of 1/16" (2 mm) <TR
  Shot/Bags :
supplied in small, sealed plastic bags,
2-oz., 4-oz. or 6-oz. (60 g to 180g)
  Our world-class Phosphorus-Copper is packaged in wooden boxes with desiccants to control moisture. Once opened, Phosphorus-Copper can react with moisture and its surface will turn a pasty blue-green.
  Phosphorus-Copper is available in stock for prompt shipment. Most domestic (India) orders are shipped within 24 hours to one week. International orders are shipped within one-to-two weeks. At the customer's request, products will be shipped by truck, boat or rail. Our staff will work with you to meet your specifications and needs, discuss options, costs or answer any other questions and concerns.
SCPL's Total QualityAssurance Process
  SCPL Alloys manufactures aluminum and copper-based master alloys for industries that melt and cast aluminum and copper metals. We are dedicated to being at the cutting edge of technology to help ensure the highest quality in the metallurgical properties and performance characteristics of our customers' products. Adhering to International Standard ISO 9001: 2000 for quality systems, SCPL has a comprehensive program for quality assurance.
Employee Training & Assessment
  All employees of SCPL Alloys, beginning with the President, receive formal training in the concepts and implementation of quality improvements. The management team meets weekly to assess progress, address problems, and determine appropriate positive actions.
Purchasing Practices & Supplier Standards
  Our purchasing practices dictate that suppliers must demonstrate a commitment to their own quality improvement programs. All incoming shipments are inspected, analyzed, and statistically controlled in accordance with our specifications. Only acceptable materials are allowed into the process area. Suppliers are audited for their quality assurance programs.
   SCPL Copper Phosphorus is alloy of elemental copper and elemental phosphorus free of residuals such as iron, silicon, arsenic,   selenium, nickel, tin, zinc or lead. It improves the predictability of your process and eliminates the potential for hydrogen   embrittlement.
  The chemical composition of the Phosphorus Copper metal is shown below :
Alloy Type Alloying elements, [%] Impurities, max, [%]
P Cu Bi Sb Fe Zn Pb
P15Cu 13-15 Balance 0.002 0.002 0.15 0.15 0.10
P11Cu 10-12 Balance 0.002 0.002 0.15 0.15 0.10
P9Cu 8-10 Balance 0.005 0.005 0.40 0.50 0.30
  Phosphorus Copper is used as a deoxidant, alloying agent, and wetting agent for the copper industry and as a nucleant for the aluminum industry.
Phosphorus-Copper as a Wetting Agent
  Phosphorus-Copper is also used as a wetting agent in brazing alloys. Brazing rod producers add phosphorus to brazing rod compositions to :
  Lower melting temperatures.
Improve wetting characteristics.
Clean the brazed joint.
Improve strength.
Phosphorus-Copper as a Nucleant
  Phosphorus-Copper is used as a nucleant in greater than 11% Silicon-Aluminum. When added to Silicon Aluminum, Phosphorus-Copper forms AlP, which causes silicon to solidify as small, blocky particles instead of long, brittle fingers. This results in improved toughness, wear-resistance, castability and machinability. @ 2009 | Privacy Policy Designed & Developed By Computree Infotech Ltd. Contact Phone : +91-22-67829000